How You’ll Become Rich, Based On Your Zodiac Sign



You'll risk what others won't. Because of their daring spirit, Aries can be great investors, gamblers, and entrepreneurs.


Your laser focus will let you do something no one else can. Tauruses are fiercely independent and don't require others' approval or company.


You'll finally turn a hobby into a booming business. Geminis never lack ideas. They have fifteen ways to spend their time every day.


Cancers don't care about money. Money symbolizes affection to them. A boss won't say she loves you, but she'll pay you well.


Use your entertaining skills. Leos love to perform, so they've learned what entertains. Rare and valuable skill.


You're so well-organized that you'll figure out how to make lots of money. Virgos excel in monotonous tasks.


Your capacity to build trust will lead to profitable commercial partnerships. Libras are great at developing relationships, not just in a salesman way.


Scorpios are aggressively confident. They can persuade everyone, hence their fortune will come from persuasion.


Humor will help you. Sagittarius is the funniest sign. One day this will matter. Your humor makes you likeable, which opens doors.


You can do what others can't because you're smart. Most individuals are blinded by their values.


You'll become a well-paid executive director of a non-profit or create a social enterprise like Tom's Shoes or Umano.


Make viral art. Pisces are born artists. They're happy to labor for little pay if it's meaningful.

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