Minecraft Legends Cost & Pricing


Minecraft Legends, an action-strategy spinoff video game, would let players lead their forces of friendly golems.

Several fans have speculated if it will be free DLC or a complete game.

Minecraft Legends will be a whole game with new mechanics, strategies, and a campaign, even though it's situated in the same universe.

Like Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Legends will be a standalone game that anybody may play.

No, Minecraft Legends won't be free. But, those that subscribe to a gaming service subscription may be lucky.

Minecraft Legends isn't free, but there are several ways to play it. Depending on platform and play style, the game's price will vary.

Deluxe Edition purchases include a discounted Deluxe Skin bundle.

Xbox Game Pass will release Minecraft Legends as a release day title, allowing subscribers to enjoy the game for free. In-game purchases are optional.

Xbox Game Pass is the sole free way to play Minecraft Legends, although the subscription plan costs money. 

The Deluxe Edition of Minecraft Legends costs $49.99, while the Standard Edition costs $39.99.

In-game purchases allow users to buy new skins and cosmetics. Instead of buying them in-game,

 the Deluxe Edition offers some of these cosmetics at a discount.

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