Saints pick DL Bryan Bresee at No. 29 overall


Bryan Bresee, a defensive lineman from Clemson, was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the first round to address the team's most pressing need.

Bresee was once regarded as the top defensive prospect in this class, but after a series of challenging health and familial issues, his projections began to decline.

These obstacles led to a modest decline in production during the previous season.

He is a versatile, athletic defender with pass-rushing potential, which the team desperately required.

He will immediately contribute to the rotation alongside Khalen Saunders and Nathan Shepherd, despite needing additional experience and talent development.

He fits in well with the revamped defensive front and is a good fit with Khalen Saunders and Nathan Shepherd.

He possesses all the necessary intangibles, and the Saints' coaches have a lot to work with in him.

Both Mazi Smith and Myles Murphy were also linked to the team and were selected before them, 

but the Saints were able to select Bresee without trading up, which is a significant victory.

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