The Most Rebellious Zodiac Sign



Because they're good communicators, Cancers rarely rebel. They won't resist you, but they have a different approach.

You believe all of their excuses were honest, but you know it's never on their to-do list.


If things don't go as Taurus predicts, there will be hell to pay.

They don't mind getting in trouble because they're brave.


Libras are kind, although they often follow their hearts. "They have a clear vision and are not hesitant to follow it.


Sagittarius's goal is to have fun. Sagittarius rebels for the excitement of it,.

Regardless of the repercussions, they live life outside the lines.


Aries doesn't like obeying other people's rules and wants everything to go according to plan.

When they can't order anyone they become more defiant. They prefer proving their point.


The most defiant zodiac sign is Aquarius. Because of their independence, they're unafraid of authority.

Aquarius can oppose you just to oppose you. This air sign is always thinking, scheming, and conspiring.

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