This Zodiac Sign Makes the Best Dog Owner



The main mission of an Aquarius is to rescue everyone in the world. 

They love humans and animals both.  They're likely to foster a shelter dog until they find their forever home.


Leo is outgoing in all aspects of life. These lions "faithful, lively, and incredibly cuddly.

Leos are ready to grasp the reins when it comes to caring for a pet, lapping up every obligation with ease.


This sign loves to socialize and have fun, and having a dog is another method to do so.

Geminis are even likely to have many pets and consider them part of their social circle.


Pisces "know what their pet wants or needs" because of their intuition.

They'll do anything they can to make their pets' life simpler. She feels true creators should be included in the process.


Tauruses love their dogs since they're homebodies. Taurus, kept dogs in the palace.


Cancers are "very affectionate and ultra-sensitive" and would lavish their pets with love.

Their dog "is guaranteed to enjoy loving care, the greatest pet bed, vet checks, and excellent quality food" because Cancers naturally take care of their loved ones.

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