Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Get Married Young


1. Taurus

Venus rules Taurus, so it's no surprise the earth sign marries young.


Taurus nurtures love through stability and sensuality from an early age.


Taurus craves long-term commitment because they feel best grounded at home and with family.

2. Cancer

Cancers are romantics who commit to relationships. They're also natural nurturers who always take care of their partners.


Cancer, marriage is the relationship experience that most closely resembles home the feeling of belonging to one another among all others.


The sign's sensitivity and empathic abilities make for excellent emotional care and protection.

3. Libra

Another sign ruled by Venus, Libra completes the list of signs most apt to marry young.


Because Libra is the sign that governs partnerships, "marriage is a life objective experience" for the air sign.


Libra's energy is completely receptive to the other, their companion, through whose presence it's possible to feel and practice equilibrium and harmony.

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