Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Break Leo's Heart


1. Gemini

Gemini-Leo relationships start as entertaining. Both signs are outgoing and love meeting new people.


Leo's fabulousness during a party will pull Gemini to them. Gemini's focus will please Leo.


Gemini will soon lose interest in Leo and move on. Leos will be hurt even if Gemini flirts or acts interested in someone else.

2. Virgo

Virgo and Leo are neighbors with few similarities. Virgo is more quiet and very by-the-book.


Virgo, an earth sign, loves efficiently and groundedly, while Leo loves passionately and romantically.


Virgo is notoriously critical. Leo will lose confidence and be heartbroken when they start nitpicking.

3. Aquarius

Two fixed indications in a relationship can be good and bad, as shown here.


They prefer slow dating, so neither sign will pressure the other to commit.


Fixed signs are stubborn too. Disputes may take time to resolve. Aquarius is aloof, whereas Leo is fiery.


Aquarius' independence and coolness will break Leo's heart. Aquarius is a humanitarian and world-changer.

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