Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Break Your Heart



Sagittarius heartbreak isn't the worst, but it's close. This sun sign is adventurous and free-spirited.

Sagittarians love to travel the world and feel restless when they stop. They'll end a relationship if it's stifling.


Its solar sign's sensuality and flirtatiousness make it seem like the largest player.

Even in a partnership, Aquarians can't control their eyes and hands. They crave attention. That makes them flirty.

They may shatter your heart because of the traits that attracted you. They won't leave you. 


This zodiac sign craves power. They act like the sun shines for them and turn the world.

This zodiac sign is most likely to crush your heart cruelly. Leos are dominating and self-centered, making relationships difficult.


Bull-like determination characterizes this sign. It guides their profession, objectives, and relationships.

But this dedication can be dangerous. If trust is broken, they will retaliate in the coldest way.


Kind, loving individuals. This zodiac sign's personality attributes aren't tragic.

They don't seek revenge or attention, yet their blunt honesty can ruin relationships.


Pisces, a heartbreaker? They should be among the worst-hit zodiac signs.

We understand your confusion. If they break up, Pisces can break your heart.

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