Zodiac Signs That Manipulate Their Partners' Weaknesses


1. Gemini

This autonomous air sign controls everything, including relationships. They pursue their aims regardless of who they might offend.


Even when Geminis realize they're framing their spouse, they may do it to make them feel guilty or ashamed.

2. Cancer

Cancers are good at manipulating their partners and taking advantage of their weaknesses.


They love their lover a lot. Cancerians use their partner's flaws to achieve their goals.


Even if their spouse tries to protect them, the Cancerian will keep stealing their emotions and ignore their privacy.

3. Leo

Leos love leading. They can use their partner's weakness to gratify their pride and get things done.


When their lover calls them on their inconsistencies, they generally dismiss them as ridiculous.


Leos can be demanding in relationships and threaten to end them if their demands aren't met.

4. Scorpio

Scorpios can deceive. They lie well and avoid relational vulnerability.


Their high emotional intelligence and overpowering attraction can quickly persuade their lover to agree with anything they wish.


Scorpios can be tiresome, embarrassing, and mentally harmful to their partners.

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