Zodiac Signs Who Drink The Most Water


1. Aries

Aries "needs to consume more water to stay hydrated throughout their demanding activities.


They are naturally drawn to the element of water more often than other signs since they are eager, active, and passionate about life.

2. Cancer

It comes as no surprise that Cancer, another water sign, is here, given that they are so emotionally related.


Water is a symbol of rebirth and cleanliness, thus drinking it can be a kind of self-care for Cancerians.


Cancers feel an innate pull toward water, and that staying hydrated is only another method for the sign to develop a more profound affinity for this element.

3. Leo

Leo, like Aries, is a fiery sign that needs to drink plenty of water.


Leos will pay for the best water possible and the most expensive water bottle money can buy. Leos have a habit of going the extra mile.

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