Zodiacs Who Are Bad At Breaking Hearts



Pisces will work hard to keep the connection going. They will eventually stop playing pretend.

They'll gently break the news. They may even convince you to end the relationship by pointing out your potential.

Because they don't want to hurt the other person, they try to frame their breakup as a positive.


Libras inspire, not destroy. This sign falls in love quickly, but falling out is always stressful.

Some may not realize that even the most beautiful relationships are fleeting.

Because they sense promise and beauty in others, they loathe breaking hearts. They don't want to devalue themselves.


Aries love excitement. They struggle with melancholy and disappointment because they want life to be a party.

They dislike crying. Ghosting is preferred. They're uncomfortable shattering hearts.


Cancers hate confrontation, so breaking up is painful. They avoid arguments and tears.

They struggle to believe their feelings matter and that they deserve a great love.

People shouldn't settle, but they often forget this and extend relationships in hopes of improvement.

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