Zodiacs Who Only Pretend To Hate Scary Movies


Sensitivity defines you. That's great! Deep, difficult feelings are fine. 

You think you can't tolerate scary movies because of your personality or childhood trauma.

But recall watching one. You were probably not as scaredy cat as you believe. Both sensitivity and badassery are possible.


You know horror movies aren't terrifying. You're not the cowardliest zodiac sign.

You could live your truth and declare you don't need someone to save you from the screen's terror.


You won't be afraid if someone asks. No issue. Instead, you claim you don't "have time" or these films aren't "polished" enough.

Horror subgenres are so varied, there's something for everyone. Accept your scary love. No one will judge you.


Horror movies conjure images of trembling in a dark room while grisly scenes of death and dismemberment play out.

You're right—terrifying. it's You dislike horror movies alone.

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