Zodiacs Who Were Born To Be On Reality TV



Leos like the spotlight. They crave attention, so they won't turn down their five minutes.

Due of their exuberance, they would make great reality TV stars. They want to enjoy life everywhere they go.


Aries are daring. Their fearlessness makes them ideal reality TV stars.

They're fearless of the unknown. They also burn. They'll be vocal. They fight whenever someone annoys them.


Unpredictable Geminis make great reality TV stars. They're unpredictable.

They change their opinion often, which can be problematic in real life but is entertaining on TV.


Scorpios are good at maintaining secrets and hiding, making them good at reality game shows where they lie and cheat.

This sign works hard and is passionate, so they won't give up. They'll fight for that money. No matter what, they will win.


Libras may befriend anyone. Libras discover common ground regardless of their differences.

They can emotionally connect with anyone. Any reality program worth watching would feature their relationships.

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